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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Capabilities

The DPAS team has broad experience performing strategic planning and communications support.  To withstand the speed of today’s rapidly changing environment, we apply an adaptive strategic planning approach that allows for infusion of new ideas fostering a continuous process that applies vision development, strategic planning, and operational planning to create strategies for success. Using an adaptive strategic plan,our customers are able to use these new ideas to spur innovation and enable their organizations to understand their value to stakeholders, desired future state, and overall environment.  Major activities include:

  • Identify barriers inhibiting the rapid transition of technology from R&D to Production and onto the warfighter
  • Developing and maintaining modernization plans and roadmaps
  • Long term strategic planning for country-specific policies and strategies
  • Creating white papers and technical reports addressing technology and platform/system performance requirements and data acquisition to develop advanced concepts, technology assessments, technical engineering services and products, and risk/impact analyses
  • Analyzing Organization strategies, goals, and objectives annually and recommending updates to the Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals
  • Preparing briefings, developing reports, and identifying best practices for organizational strategic planning including detailed preparation for and facilitation of meetings or other events
  • Assisting in preparing correspondence, briefings, and other presentations such as information papers, decision memoranda, speeches, remarks, talking points, and opinion articles
  • Assisting Executive or Senior Leadership with daily office management and document controlby reviewingand analyzing all correspondence, briefings, response to inquiries, and talking points that require signature, and provide advice, status, and/or recommendations